Cat & Kitten Collar Size Guide

Crystal Cat Collars

Cat size:

Adult size collars measure 12 inch (30cm) in length & will adjust to fit neck size 8 inch (20cm) - 9.5 inch (25cm)

Kitten size:

Kitten size collars measure 10 inch (25cm) in length & will adjust to fit neck size 7 inch (18cm) - 8 inch (20cm)


Crystal Breakaway KittyKlip buckle cat collars.

The collar is fitted to the actual neck size of your cat. To allow the crystal to go all around the collar there is no slide adjuster just the breakaway kitty-klip buckle. Please ensure you measure your little cats neck correctly so it's not too tight allowing a comfortable fit. If you need an extra 1/2 inch either way please email

Available in 4 sizes:

  • 7 inch (18cm) actual neck size
  • 8 inch (20cm) actual neck size
  • 9 inch (23cm) actual neck size
  • 10 inch (25cm) actual neck size 

 Luxury Bow Tie Cat Collars

  • Cat size 7-9 inch (18cm - 23cm)
  • Kitten size 6-8 inch (15cm -20cm)
  • Larger cat size 9-11 inch (23cm - 28cm)

Please note: The Luxury fabric bow tie measures approx 3 inches (7.6 cm) for our standard cat size collar. Kitten bow ties are made slightly smaller & for our larger cat size collar the bow tie is slightly larger.



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